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Mahtab Namakian

As a Product Designer, I thrive at the intersection of creativity and technology, and I enjoy improving experiences and workflows.

As a kid, I was raised in a creative environment surrounded by arts and crafts. I always enjoyed doing DIY projects and make everything for myself. My background led me to major in Graphic Design for my bachelor's degree at San José State University, and pursue a Master in Interaction Design at California College of the Arts.

I believe in thinking empathetically, sharing humbly and working collaboratively. In my team, I always make sure everyone feels heard and assure that I am there to listen to them with an open mind.

I am a storyteller. I am inspired by people’s stories and I always try to find opportunities to dive deep into understanding their motivations, intentions, attitudes, and needs.


My goal is to join a company that is working for people and aiming to help, serve and improve their quality of life.

You can find details of my past experiences in my resume or LinkedIn.

Past Work

Sexism poster.png

Social Justice (Sexism) Poster


Types of Yoyo Strings Infographic


Social Justice info Map


Manhattan School of Music Calendar Design


Green Gap App Design


Object Exploration

Nafas Calendar Poster

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