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Bart Kiosk Interface (Week 2)

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Partner: Jingyi Wu ( Personal website:

This week I teamed up with Jingyi, and we are co-designing the Bart Kiosk's Interface.

We want to know "How might we help riders reach their goals as effortlessly as possible?"

After observing a lot of people in the Bart station struggling to work with Kiosks, we came up with a few main problems that people were facing.

Usability Issues:

  • Old Machines: The novice users thought the kiosk having touch screen.

  • Tedious Work: Buttons were useless

  • Time Wasting: First-time users, such as tourists, feel stuck when they try to use the kiosk.

  • Unclear Guide: The system doesn't have a clear guide for users.

Task Flows of the new Kiosk Interface

From the Task Flows we developed wireframe sketches of screen for various scenarios. Our designs include more refined and clear use of the the buttons that are already installed on the Kiosks. Also a better iconography and messages to help users with their tasks.

Some examples of our Wireframes

We used some of our wireframes and developed a Wireflows.

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