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Board Games and Their Formal Elements

This week was very interesting because it tool me back to my childhood and all my happy memories playing some of these very popular board games.

1) But First I need to learn more about what games is and what the game mechanics are.

So I read

Learning Game Design: Game Mechanics by Sharon Boller, the knowledge guru 7/2013.

2) After that I started thinking about some of my favorite games that I used to play as a child. So I decided to list my top 10 favorite games.

  1. Hide and Seek

  2. Hearts

  3. Monopoly

  4. Mensch

  5. Snakes and Ladders

  6. The Sims

  7. Musical Chairs

  8. Tic Tac Toe

  9. Hopscotch

  10. zoo

I loved all these games because their rules where simple and they were easy for me to learn. now that I think about it, we as children had more fun because we were always outside and even if we were playing a board game, we were really socializing with each other.

3)I never new the Name Risk or Sorry, But I know the name Mensch. which after all these years I realized that it was a german and very old game.

4)These are some of the games that I can remember their boards.

5)Formal Elements of Twister

6) Backgammon is a very famous and very old Persian board game, which is all about counting and strategy.

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