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Empathy: Our Teaching session

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

This week for our foundation class we were given an assignment to teach our class. This assignment was called “studio leadership”. Students were asked to work in a pair, to prepare for a one-hour teaching session.

through a random draw Jingyi (my partner) and I were given this combination.

Before Presentation:

During our brainstorming session we realized that we talked and learned about empathy in all of our classes. So our challenge was, how to make it more interesting and provide information that they may not already now about.

We had to use iteration as a tool to teach empathy to our classmates. So we tried to think of the ways that we can implement iteration in to our teaching session. After a few hours of thinking we decided to use playing clays and ask everyone to use them to make chairs.

Be came up with three activities.

Activity 1:

For our first activity we asked them to design a chair with their play-dohs however they want and like and then share their ideas with us.

Activity 2 :

For our second activity we introduced 3 different personas and asked everyone to redesign their chairs based on the specific persona that were given to them. After that we asked them to get into three groups based on their personas and Share some of the ideas with us.

Activity 3:

For our third activity we asked everyone to get in to pairs and redesign their chair based on their partners personality.

Our goal for all these activities was to have them think more empathetically towards the people they were designing the chairs for.

Hopefully after this session if someone asked them what Empathy is they can describe it more easily.



All the activities were very interesting to see because I could see the difference between peoples ideas about chairs. for first activity we didn't assign any specific kind of chair but we didn't even see 2 similar chairs. Overall all the activities went very well and we were amazed by all the chairs that everyone designed.

There were more subject around Empathy that I still wish I could have talked about them.

Also feedbacks were very useful and interesting to read.



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