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Helpful Organizations to Know if You Need Help

I was trying to find more information on my topic which is Bipolar disorder, and I came across a lot of good organizations and companies that offer very informative information and more importantly Help, if someone needs it.

I will mention some of these organizations and there work here for anyone interested.

Bipolar brain

Juliet shares her experience of bipolar disorder and Greg, her partner, contributes a family member’s perspective. They provide both a personal perspective and information and resources on topics that are relevant to people living with bipolar disorder.

Good Articles:

"I am blessed with a wonderful marriage. My marriage is strong because I have a very loving and supportive husband named Greg." -Juliet

Depression and bipolar support alliance

DBSA is a not-for-profit consumer organization with satellite organizations all over the US and one in Australia. It has a scientific advisory board and offers easy to understand information on bipolar disorder and depression, treatments, recovery and research trials. There is a special section devoted to family and friends. In addition, caregivers and people with bipolar disorder or depression can access discussion forums and online or face to face support groups. They also offer training courses to assist people to live well with their illness.

Good Articles:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

This large organization offers information, advocacy and support in every state in the US. NAMI run a family –to family education program for caregivers of people with mental illness including bipolar disorder that is available in the USA, parts of Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Initial evaluation of this program suggests that it can reduce caregiver worry and displeasure and increase caregivers’ sense of empowerment.

Good Articles:

Psych Education

Psych education is run by Dr Jim Phelps, a psychiatrist and expert on bipolar disorder who offers good quality information on bipolar disorder, causes, treatment, research and resources. There is also a section on “What to look out for when choosing a psychiatrist or psychologist?”.

Good Articles:

Mental Health America

This is a non-profit national mental health association. It assists people with mental illness and their families to find treatment, support groups, medication information and helps with issues such as financial concerns around treatment.

Good Article:

International Society for Bipolar Disorders

This is an international organization aimed at fostering education and research to advance the treatment of all aspects of bipolar disorders to improve quality of life for those with bipolar disorder and their family member and friends.

Good video:

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