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Professional Exploration (Prompt 1)

As a newly Interaction designer first thing I needed to do was choose a professional path for myself. So we all gathered around and started brainstorming on the possible options that we wanted to work on and we were actually interested in.

After some explorations I came up with this list shown below.

I have always had a passion for Healthcare specifically psychology and mental health therefore most of my options and what I had in mind was and is around this topic.

After We put down all our options we narrowed them down in to 1-2 options per each category and post them on a board.

I chose Couples as my main target audience because I found out that something like depression or bi-polar disorder is very hard for couples to solve but if there is something that can give them more information it will help them a lot and save a lot of marriages.

One of the problems that I had before was homeless people and unemployment which was another topic that is really bothering me. But after everything going on and all the news we are hearing about mental health and suicides I decided to pursue Mental health topic.

Topic of exploration:

I am using prototyping to explore how futuristic health methods and conversational UI in healthcare can help couples with mental health issues.

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