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Bipolar Disorder Concept Map Professional Exploration (Prompt 3)

I am using prototyping to explore how futuristic health methods and conversational UI in healthcare can help couples with mental health issues such as Bipolar disorder.

This week we are visualizing our topics so that we can have a better understanding of our topics.

First thing I did was a Concept Map. I gathered all the information I wanted people (and I ) to understand about my topic.

My topic is bipolar disorder, and I thought first thing that people ask is what is bipolar disorder and what are some of the ways to treat it.

Concept Map

But then I came of with a statement that I really wan to focus on.

"Divorce and Separation are 2 to 3 times more common among couples with bipolar partner."

By using this statement I tried to achieve a better understanding of the situation.

so I did two different Diagrams.

  1. Tree diagram, which I constantly asked my self: "Why does this matter?"

  2. Ishikawa diagram,Which I asked myself: "why is this happening?"

Tree Diagram

Ishikawa Diagram

Both of these processes needed a lot of work and thinking. The result was very interesting and the fact that I had to thought about everything and answer the same question over and over again made it more thorough. These were the answers that I couldn't find in a regular article about bipolar disorder. it was more about digging deeper in to this topic and really thinking about the Why?

I loved this process because it is making a stronger connection between me and my topic and the result is more empathy for people in this kind of relationship and people who are suffering from this disorder.

They are both work in progress and I think with this method, answers are unlimited.

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